Blogrolls by Default Make an Exit in WordPress 3.5?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Blogrolls, a feature long used in the current and older versions of popular blogging platform WordPress could be making an exit as we know them.

According to a Thursday report appearing on, Blogrolls will be disabled for new users in upcoming WordPress version 3.5. The website made the find when analyzing features of the new release, stumbling upon ticket #21307.

The linking features, however, shouldn’t be gone entirely. The same report noted that they could still be available as plugins for users to install.

Version 3.5 has an anticipated release date of December 5. Earlier this month, WordPress noted its widespread us as the management platform for U.S. political campaigns by releasing an infographic.

WordPress is open source software. A free version of the platform, however, is available through from company Automattic.