Blue Soda Premieres “Skeletal Activity”

(Ping! Zine) – Blue Soda Promo, an ecommerce company and Top 50 Distributor that offers custom printed items is very serious about its promotional marketing business. Though, in recent times, a slew of suspicious activities and misplaced items sends Marketing Creative, Jesse Alkire, into a full blown investigation to expose the truth behind all the rumors and accusations at Blue Soda Promo.

What is haunting the Blue Soda Promo office? One employee sets out to find the answer, but the answer ends up finding him… with skeletal results. Not quite paranormal, it’s… Skeletal Activity. According to Alkire, “Phone bills are being racked up, reports are completed over the weekend, excessive amounts of copies are being made, all when nobody is in the office.” Alkire continues with, “I know for sure I didn’t do any of that work… or really any other work around here for that matter. So I’m going to find out who or what is doing all this extra work.”

The fine folk at Blue Soda Promo, along with the help of a few friends, have created “Skeletal Activity” for your viewing pleasure. There are a lot of “Paranormal Activity” parodies out there, but this is one that is not only hilarious, but clever too.

The worldwide debut of this spoof is Tuesday November 9th, 2010 at 12pm Central Standard Time. The six minute short film can be viewed at Blue Soda Promo’s YouTube Channel or on the Blue Soda Promo Blog. For an exclusive sneak peak at this skeletal spoof, there is a minute long theatrical trailer that can also be found on BSP’s YouTube channel. And behind-the-scenes photos of making “Skeletal Activity” can be viewed on Blue Soda Promo’s Facebook Page.