Bobcares Certified to Support CloudLinux

(Ping! Zine) – CloudLinux Inc., the leading company that delivers the only commercially supported Linux OS to meet the needs of hosting service providers and datacenters, announces today that Bobcares, the world renowned and largest hosting support company in the industry, will be certified to support and recommend CloudLinux OS to any customer supported by Bobcares. This announcement marks the first word-class services organization to recognize how integral CloudLinux OS is for the efficient operation of web hosts of all sizes.

Sangeetha Naik, Bobcares Director and co-Founder said of the partnership: “We recognize that each website is a 24/7 business that depends on uptime to survive. Therefore, our engineers passionately work on a daily basis to provide unmatched support services to website owners. This partnership with CloudLinux is vital to us as it provides our customers with critical support in emerging new technologies which gives us a stronger competitive advantage.”

CloudLinux, which delivers highly sophisticated Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) isolation technology with its ability to increase server density, performance, stability and reliability has gained significant market penetration in just under one year. With this significant growth, it was critical to ensure that any CloudLinux customer from any web-host received immediate and high quality customer care.

In selecting Bobcares (among other possible options) to be certified to provide support to this set of customers, Igor Seletskiy explains: ”As the largest hosting support company, Bobcares proved that they are the right partner to support the accelerating adoption of our OS within the hosting space. It was incumbent on us to partner with a best practices support organization that web-hosts can trust to deliver excellent customer care for their customers using CloudLinux OS.” Providing support for over 60,000 servers, and with a client base spanning 20 countries, Bobcares has the reputation for excellent customer care for the last nine years of their operation.

About Bobcares
Since its establishment in 2001, Bobcares has earned the reputation for providing the most excellent customer support and services. Now on its 9th year of operation, Bobcares has become the largest hosting support company that directly manages over 15 million websites. The company also provides Linux and Windows administration services, phone support services and develops software for its clients. The main thrust of the company is the work-force of over 300 engineers who resolve complex server issues, reduce downtime and improve performance, while helping web-hosts reduce their support costs.

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About CloudLinux
Founded in 2009, CloudLinux was developed to address the unique needs of hosting service providers in an ever-changing market. It is a stable, privately funded company headquartered in Princeton, NJ with its development team based in Donetsk, Ukraine. The people behind the company have significant experience in the hosting business and datacenter market; thus, realized early on that they could fill the market gap by providing an OS with better support at an affordable price. CloudLinux provides the ideal OS to make complex and often contradictory hosting needs a lot simpler and easier. The cutting-edge CloudLinux technology is proven to provide rock-solid and reliable hosting services while driving the costs down.

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