Botnet Utlizes Tor Network, Causes Traffic Increase

Botnet Utlizes Tor Network, Causes Traffic Increase(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A large botnet has caused the popular anonymity network know as Tor to overload, security firm Fox IT noted on Thursday.

The network reportedly faced a recent boost of users, Tor Project Lead Roger Dingledine disclosed through the Tor Talk mailing list.

Tor’s usage was noted to have quintupled, said Fox IT. The source? The botnet reportedly relies on Tor for communication using its command and control channel.

“The botnet appears to be massive in size as well as very widespread. Even prior to the switch to Tor, it consisted of tens of thousands of confirmed infections within a limited amount of networks. When these numbers are extrapolated on a per country and global scale, these are definitely in the same ballpark as the Tor user increase,” stated Fox IT through the blog post.

The security firm, meanwhile, noted that the presence of the botnet may have the purpose of delivering more botnets like it to the Tor network, then selling them.

Tor is popular for accessing common websites in countries where the internet is heavily censored. However, it has also gained some controversy for users on its network carrying out illegal activities.