Bright Plaza offers “Kaje” Solution to Russian Hacker Password Breech

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Responding to the most recent news about website security breeches, Bright Plaza, Inc. says that its Kaje Picture Passwords® Web Service can help solve this problem for any website, large or small. The Kaje® service keeps the passwords off the website entirely and uses advanced end-to-end encryption and privacy practices. It completely separates the user information (on the website) from the password (anonymously on Kaje), eliminating the possibility of hackers collecting the Kaje password from the website. This reduces the risk and the cost of website breeches. As a bonus picture passwords are easier and more secure for users than text passwords.

Kaje’s service is available for all kinds of websites from the smallest to the largest. Anyone can go to, watch the videos to learn more, and try it out for themselves. Any website owner can register automatically using the web form. Just click the “Get Kaje on your site” button and get 10,000 free logins. The interface is a simple HTTPS API, and open source plugins for Drupal and WordPress are available.

Gary Bickford, VP at Bright Plaza noted, “Both research by others and our own experience has shown that users love to use picture passwords, and Kaje. They can upload their own picture – which means they will have an emotional connection and remember their password better – draw a few lines on the picture, and that’s their password.”

Jay Wittner, partner at Space Finance Group ( said, “We set the Integrated Space Analytics website ( up to use the Drupal Kaje module. This site will grow to include volunteers, financial and industry people, and space enthusiasts. So we needed a new, easier, more secure and easier to remember way to login. This module made it as simple as registering, getting the SSL certificate, installing the plugin, and starting to use it.”

Website owners are also encouraged to talk with their providers about Kaje. Any hosting provider, web developer, software provider or other SAAS is a candidate to become an affiliate and offer discounts on Kaje to their customers. This encourages customer loyalty and provides an additional revenue stream to these providers, while reducing risk and support problems for their customers and improving user experience.

In addition to the Kaje Picture Password service, the Kaje platform will soon support other proofs of knowledge including text passwords. This will allow even text passwords and other authentication methods to be kept securely off the website and out of their database. It also will provide better privacy, anonymity for their users, since Kaje never knows anything about the user, while the website knows nothing about the proof of knowledge.