Brosix Releases Updated Android App with More Features

Brosix Releases Updated Android App with More Features(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – With a growing number of business professionals relying on their smartphones to stay in touch with others, it is only natural for the use of instant messaging to increase. Brosix recently released version 3.4 of its popular Android app. With a variety of upgraded features, users are now in position to communicate more effectively with every person in their network.

Some of the newest features include:

1. Local chat history. This allows users to review what they discussed in past conversations, such as when they get back to the office.

2. Sending pictures in the background. This makes it more efficient to send pictures, as the user does not have to wait for the operation to complete.

Brosix CEO Stefan Chekanov realizes that a growing number of users are relying on Android devices, and for this reason the newest version of the app was a big deal. He noted, “We are happy that we can make instant messaging easier for those who use an Android device. Thus far, feedback has been nothing but positive.”

Despite all the new features, there is nothing complicated about the updated Android app:

“We know that people want high quality apps, but that they are looking for a simple user experience as well,” added Chekanov. “This is exactly what we were going for with our updated Android app.”

Tens of millions of people all over the globe rely on Android devices to communicate with others. With the right apps, the process of smartphone and tablet communication is more efficient.

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About Brosix

Brosix offers all-in-one instant messaging incorporating audio and video calls, sending screenshots, co-browsing, whiteboard and desktop sharing technology to provide an easy-to-use online meeting solution for high-quality online business collaboration. Used by more than 100,000 registered users, Brosix customers consist primarily of small- to medium-sized businesses. At present, more than 10,000 corporate customers in over 70 countries worldwide are using the Brosix private instant messaging networks and benefiting from significantly reduced travel time and travel expenses. Launched in 2006, Brosix is continuing to provide great enterprise instant messaging software to thousands of users around the world.