Chrome Slightly Leads Firefox, Stats Find

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The battle for browser domination is heating up.

According to recent statistics released by tracking company StatCounter for the month of November, there’s been a big change in the list of most used web browsers.

During the month, StatCounter found that Microsoft’s Intenet Explorer continues to dominate at number one with usage equaling 40.63%.

However, the big change concerns the number two spot. Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, which in the past has usually ranked as the second most used appears to have been fallen behind Google Chrome.

Chrome accounts for 25.69% of usage, ranking just slightly higher than Firefox (which accounts for 25.23%).

Since being launched in late 2008, Google Chrome has experienced a steady rise in popularity.

Falling behind the top three are Apple’s Safari (5.92%) and Opera (1.82%). To get its results, StatCounter uses data from various sites within its network. To view the new data from StatCounter, visit: