Budget Hosting Firm Turns Eight

Web hosting is a relatively new industry. Not only that, but a number of early web hosting firms are no longer around for a variety of reasons. Some simply did not compete well, others were merged together into yet larger hosting firms, and others succumbed to the dot com bust. So it is somewhat rare that a web hosting company announces an anniversary milestone of more than a few years. One notable exception in terms of web hosting longevity is 34sp.com.

UK budget hosting company, 34sp.com, has announced the eighth anniversary of the company – as of October 2008. The company is run by two young British entrepreneurs, Stuart Melling and Daniel Foster. I had the opportunity to bump into both gentlemen recently at this past year’s HostingCon web hosting conference in Chicago. I learned that in the early days of the company, Stuart and Daniel met personally with each and every new customer. That attention to detail and service continues to this day as the company has grown significantly in the past eight years, becoming one of the U.K.’s leading web hosting companies. However, as founder Stuart Melling explains despite many changes over the years, some things stay the same, ”What hasn’t changed at 34SP.com is our commitment to reliable web site hosting coupled with professional support. That was our main goal way back when we started in the year 2000. Over those years we have built a solid support team. Everyone on the team has a wealth of experience, everyone has been a webmaster at some stage, even myself. We know the challenges and demands of running a successful web site, and we are here to help whenever our clients need it.”

As described on the company’s website, ”34SP.com was established in the year 2000. The company was founded with the aim of bridging the gap between sophisticated hosting solutions and affordable prices. Leveraging the power and stability of open source software with a commitment to ethical business practices 34SP.com has become synonymous with reliability, professionalism and value for money. Growth of reputation has been matched with an expanding range of services, seeing 34SP.com become a fully fledged service provider. A diverse range of clients now rely on 34SP.com to support their business operations, with available services ranging from dedicated server hosting to colocation.”

The company has central offices in Manchester, England with its data center presence in central London. According to the company customers of 34sp.com represent a geographically diverse group with many European, American and Asian websites selecting the company for their hosting needs.

Among other aspects of the company that stand out are the fact that 34sp.com offers very solid Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), in addition to a comprehensive money back guarantee. 34SP.com also recently expanded their VPS hosting packages with the release of a new VPS hosting plan. The new package is aimed at small businesses and web designers alike. The new product marries the robust, stable 34SP.com VPS hosting platform with affordable pricing.

Mr. Melling, commented, ”Our VPS hosting packages have become wildly popular since their launch a few months ago. They have proven to be perfect solutions for high traffic domains, professional web designers and cutting edge programmers. One major piece of feedback from our customers was that needed smaller, more keenly priced VPS hosting. We aren’t ones to argue with popular demand, so we released our new mini VPS hosting package.”

Congratulations to the entire team at 34sp.com for a great eight years of budget web hosting. Let’s all look forward to the next eight years to come.

To learn more about 34sp.com and their budget hosting services, please visit: http://www.34sp.com/.

This content was written by Derek Vaughan exclusively for PingZine.