Bulgaria Conducts its Largest Anti-Piracy Ivestigation

(Ping! Zine) – On Monday, Bulgarian officials shut down four torrent websites during its largest anti-piracy investigation.

The four websites that were shut down: nanoset.net, rapidadd.com, 4storing.com and afasta.com were accused of illegally distributing books, films, games, music and software, IFPI said in a statement.

The sites were all reportedly part of an organized crime network and were probed by officials several months before their closure.
Bulgarian police added that users paid a total 5.0 million leva ($3.36 million) in fees to access these services.

“Servers containing more than 120 terabytes of unlicensed content, or the equivalent of 200,000 CD-Rs,” were seized by police during the raid, IFPI noted.

Bulgaria is the country with the lowest revenues from legal music and film sales in Europe, and a piracy rate estimated at 100 percent, IFPI added.