Bungie Sets Destiny Gameplay Reveal for E3

Untitled111(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – From the same studio that initially developed Halo comes a new title. It’s called Destiny and it’s a sci-fi game that focuses on a mysterious object called the “Traveler.” Beneath it, a city has been constructed as other areas of the Earth lie abandoned and dangerous.

Such a period follows the demise of Earth’s Golden Age.

Information on the game has slowly been rolling out during the past few months. And while we have yet to receive a glimpse of the gameplay, we will soon.

With the debut of a new game trailer (not featuring gameplay btw), Bungie revealed that it will showcase gameplay for the PlayStation at an E3 press conference come June 10th.

The game developer also recently revealed that it hadn’t ruled out making the game for PC just yet. “We haven’t said yes, and we haven’t said no,” commented Bungie senior writer Eric Osborne in a statement provided to IGN. Osborne also discussed the challenge such availability would bring, stating, “The more platforms we take on, the more work it ultimately becomes, and what we don’t want is to compromise the core experience on any platforms.”

E3 will take place June 11-13 in Los Angeles, California. Watch a trailer for Destiny below: