Business Web Hosting Options

I am often asked which is the best web host or account for business web hosting. My answer is always, ”That depends”. The reason that I say that is that there are many different business needs and applications which can be supplied by a variety of web hosting vendors on a plethora of operating systems and hardware configurations. Let’s look at the basics.

The single most requested application for business is email. More specifically, email that arrives to an inbox which is addressed as ‘[email protected]’. If you are like most smaller businesses, all you need for mail is a domain name and a very basic hosting account. Here are a couple of options:

GoDaddy offers a variety of email only accounts that run from around $2 to $10 per month depending on the features. You can also easily register a domain name of your choosing with GoDaddy as well. A ‘dot com’ domain name will run you another $9.99 per year – that’s so you can have your business name in the email address.

If you are overseas you can check out business web hosting from UK based hosting provider, This company offers very competitive rates on UK domain names – right now a ‘’ domain is 5 pounds per year.

Standard Business Hosting

Standard business web hosting is available from many service providers. Typically, a smaller business is in good hands if the web hosting company is service oriented. For that reason, I would suggest checking out and their standard business plan. The cost is $8.95 per month when purchased annually. This account comes with a very high level of support that businesses will prefer.

Another service oriented host is Hostway. You can view the various standard web hosting options here. Hostway is more expensive than many other hosts (plans start at $15.95) but presumably this allows more margin for greater service.

More Sophisticated Options
If a company grows large enough or has enough website traffic, at some point it becomes advantageous to move up to a virtual or dedicated server. These hosting options require more skill to administer and operate, but permit truly isolated hosting environments and vastly greater resources to run your site and applications. If you are in this category, I would recommend (in addition to those companies already mentioned above) checking out NaviSite Managed Hosting. The company offers both virtual and dedicated servers, and often has one of the best price to value ratios in the business.

The very highest end of the spectrum is generally regarded to be Rackspace – a managed server provider. The company is known for its great service and robust operating environment. Prices are generally higher, but the name and reputation dictate a premium price.

Final Thoughts
Of course there are many other great options out there for business web hosting. You can also conduct a Google search for either business web hosting or business hosting. The companies that are listed can be further investigated and their reputations and plans researched.

Good luck finding that superior business web hosting company. It’s worth the effort to obtain a great business partner in hosting.

This content was written by Derek Vaughan exclusively for PingZine.