C I Host CEO to Appear on Fox Television

According to some information emailed to me today from the public relations arm at C I Host, the CEO and President of C I Host, Mr. Chris Faulkner, will be appearing on Fox Television this weekend.

Mr. Faulkner will make a live appearance on the Fox & Friends Sunday Morning News Show, July 15, 2007 at 8:20AM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

The news release goes on to say that Mr. Faulkner will serve as a technology expert and answer questions about Internet safety. In the wake of the “Miss New Jersey Blackmail Photos” questions about posting images and data online are very prevalent.  What does delete really mean? Where do erased e-mails go?  Do copies exist after you delete something? How does one practice internet safety?

“Delete does not truly delete anything.  The Internet, being the information repository that it is, is a one-way street,” said Christopher Faulkner, founder and chief executive of C I Host, the Dallas-based Web-hosting and online-storage-management firm. “The information goes in but it never comes out.”

“There is no privacy on the Internet, and things you post online stay online somewhere, even if you think you’ve deleted it,” he added. “So make sure, with every picture and every word you put on the Internet, that you won’t be embarrassed when it comes up in five or 10 years.”

It’s great to see a web hosting personality showing up on mainstream television. I hope that his appearance goes well.

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