Callorb Technologies Releases Mobile Call Tracking Application for Android

Callorb Technologies Releases Mobile Call Tracking Application for Android(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  Callorb Technologies releases its flagship product, Callorb, delivering inbound and outbound call tracking and cloud storage of mobile calls along with its companion web-based call management system. Sales professionals, attorneys, and all mobile workers can now annotate calls immediately.

“Callorb allows mobile workers to document, track and follow-up on important calls. The calls can be annotated the minute they are completed and later categorized and grouped – simplifying accounting functions. Call information is permanently stored as an ongoing record of your business activities for later retrieval,” says Callorb Technologies President and CEO, Brian Sullivan.

Call details are stored in the cloud for later retrieval and follow-up. The call tracking application is useful in tracking orders, client communications, future appointments and client charges. Callorb users access call details directly from their mobile Android device or from any internet-connected desktop or tablet computer. Sullivan says, the Callorb application “completely changes the landscape for mobile workers.”

The Google import feature allows integration directly with existing mobile phone contacts. This enables call details to be stored along with contact name, phone number and other relevant information about the caller. The grouping features allow the user to set up groups and categorize calls by client, project, or any other useful way. And a simple listing screen displays calls in chronological order for editing. The calls can be sorted by date, caller name, group or sorted by user specific text based search criteria. All call information is stored using a proprietary secure cloud technology.

“You no longer have to look at your call history on the mobile phone and wonder what a call was about, or how many widgets were ordered, or what time a particular appointment was made. And you don’t have to sort through pages and pages of usage and billing information to determine the nature of calls,” states Sullivan. “Additionally, the staff back at the office has immediate access to this data if needed to perform research and follow up with customers and clients. The mobile workforce is now much more efficient.”

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