Can a Google Vet Help Repair the Problems?

Can a Google Vet Help Repair the Problems?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The Obama administration is attempting to right ship on the fiasco by bringing in a tech vet of what’s arguably the web’s most innovative company: Google.

Recruited to help repair is Google site reliability engineer Michael Dickerson who will take a leave of absence from the tech giant.

Meanwhile, the government is also bringing in tech vets from companies including Red Hat and Oracle.

“As part of the ‘Tech Surge,’ we’ve added key personnel from the government and private sector, including expert engineers and technology managers,” stated Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services representative Julie Bataille via a blog post, according to USA Today.

The Obama administration has received widespread criticism after signups for the Affordable Care Act’s Insurance Exchanges went live just last month. Since then, has faced widespread outage issues in the face of high demands for signups.