Can You Improve Search Rankings with Web Hosting?

I saw an announcement today touting a new web hosting service from Host Gator. The new web hosting brand was first announced as “coming soon” by Host Gator earlier this year. The new product holds out the promise of better search engine rankings through spreading out a cross-linked network over multiple C classes.

The wholly owned subsidiary is named, SEO Hosting, and is a completely separate web hosting brand with its own website and brand messaging.

According to information released by the company today, the new service is hosted on Host Gator’s network with The Planet, where sites are on servers at all four of The Planet’s data centers in Dallas, TX and are accessible via a fully meshed and redundant Certified Cisco Network featuring ten backbone providers.

The entry level plan includes 5 C classes at a cost of $7 per C class.

While the idea of having multiple websites linked together on separate C classes is not anything new, it is novel to offer the service from a single provider. Presumably, this will reduce the hassle of logging into multiple accounts and managing multiple billing dates and invoices.

So will this tactic improve your search rankings?

Here is a thread from that explains (in detail) what C classes do for search engine optimization:

One fact remains: Host Gator is again taking the initiative in launching an industry-leading product – leaving other hosting companies to play catchup. Just as Brent Oxley (CEO of Host Gator) grew his Host Gator brand by creating a hosting plan which could host unlimited domains for a single low price – SEO Hosting will push new ground and attract players in this new niche.

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