Cannon launches New T4 Data Centre Manager Software

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Companies across the world are cutting data centre energy bills and boosting efficiency with Data Centre Manager software.

Cannon Technologies’ Data Centre Manager software enables organisations to control their data centres from anywhere on the planet via just one IP address.

Users can now control the configuration of their data centres, power usage, security access, environmental control and fire suppression systems using just one suite of dedicated software.

Previously all these functions would have to be controlled by a series of separate software programs.

Cannon’s Data Centre Manager software can be linked to Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems to ensure optimum uptime for servers.

Data Centre Manager will also control temperature parameters, environmental systems and the alarms that monitor them.

The new software can also control and monitor data centres’ fire suppression systems and any active roof panels in the aisle cocooning.

Access to the data centres and server cabinets can be controlled, monitored and logged. Access protocols can be added and updated very easily.

Users can also add fingerprint readers and iris recognition systems to provide complete biometric security for their data centres.

Cannon Technologies Sales and Marketing Director Max Zaccaria said: “Until now, there has been no one dedicated software program capable of bringing together all these vital elements of data centre management.

“Data centre operators were forced to make do with a mix of various software programs, a situation which was far from ideal.”

Cannon’s Data Centre Manager software is very intuitive, making it easier for users to control their data centres quickly and easily. Training new users is very simple.

Data Centre Manager software is one of a range of T4 Data Centre Solutions offered by Cannon Technologies. They include:

  • T4 Data Centres – turnkey data centre solutions, from design through to support, created in client buildings
  • T4 Mini Data Centres – single rack data centres with all the infrastructure components within a single enclosure
  • T4 Modular Data Centres – a modular room with power and cooling for multiple racks or large system components
  • T4 ISO Data Centres – ISO containerised data centre solutions for high density loads and mobile applications
  • T4 Data Centre PODs – aisle containment POD solutions for new or existing data centres
  • T4 Data Centre Components – component products such as rack mount power distribution units and Smart PDU solutions.

Hampshire-based Cannon has been a pioneering force in the design and manufacture of data centre networking cabinets and metal enclosures for more than 30 years.

For further information about Data Centre Manager software and other data centre solutions, please contact Cannon Technologies Sales and Marketing Manager Vicky Newton, +44(0)1425 632625.

  • “Tier 4” relates to the TIA 942 standard for data centres.

Cannon Technologies is an international leader in the design and manufacture of data cabinets and metal enclosure systems for use in the Data Networking, Telecommunications, Electronics and IT industries.

Cannon Technologies Ltd was established in 1978 by teams from the parent RJF and Scammell groups, with the objective of further developing activity for the defence and commercial sectors, in which key executives had extensive experience. This experience has been perpetuated and the Cannon Technologies Group was formed.

Today, Cannon Technologies has achieved sector leadership and is renowned for a high level of investment in R&D and product development.

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