Carpathia Expands, Adds Office Space

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – A company expansion was recently in the works for web host Carpathia Hosting who added office space to several locations including an add-on to the company’s corporate headquarters in Virginia.

In addition to that, completely new offices were opened by Carpathia on opposite sides of the United States with California’s Bay Area and New York City representing the two locations.

Discussing the matter in a press release, Carpathia CEO Peter Weber said it was “an exciting time” for his company.

The office expansion will in part help support company services including marketing, engineering and sales. Carpathia initially opened its Dulle, Virginia headquarters around one year ago.

“Expanding our presence to both New York City and the Bay Area presents a great opportunity for us to better serve our clients, coast to coast, while also enabling us to reach new customers that need enterprise managed hosting and cloud solutions,” Weber also stated.

Among Carpathia’s services are cloud, colocation, managed solutions and more. The web host provides for its services through four U.S. based data centers and one located in the Netherlands.

The company’s expansion announcement shortly follows Carpathia’s introduction of hosting services specifically designed for healthcare providers. For more information regarding Carpathia’s expansion, view a press release by the company here (