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(Ping! Zine Issue 40) – Still looking for the right helpdesk solution that’s affordable, easy to use, and supports multiple brands – all from one system? In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s tough to run a successful web hosting company without a helpdesk solution that provides all the features you need to deliver fast, responsive support to your customers. Even if you provide support over the phone and through chat, you still need a helpdesk system where customers can create, track, and follow issues with your support team.

Currently there are several major players in the hosting industry that provide helpdesk solutions. But one has developed a true satellite helpdesk system where hosting companies can use the same system to manage multiple brands or multiple domains. Meet Vision Helpdesk, an energetic company developing advanced, innovative software to help hosting companies increase productivity and efficiency. Recently I interviewed Sachin Jadhav, Director of Vision Helpdesk, to learn more about Vision Helpdesk’s popular satellite or multi-brand, multi-domain support for hosting companies.

What is Vision Helpdesk?
“Vision Helpdesk reflects state-of-the-art in web based helpdesk solution technology,” says Jadhav. “Vision Helpdesk derives its benefits based on Web 2.0 technology and is extensively designed with PHP and Ajax offering user-experience improvement, decreased user delay, decreased bandwidth usage, high-speed information retrieval, and other features support staff need to increase response times and productivity.”

According to Jadhav, the Vision Helpdesk architecture is flexible and designed to suit for all small to large businesses. The unique satellite helpdesk feature allows users to manage support for multiple companies in one place, making Vision Helpdesk the perfect scalable helpdesk solution.

Vision Helpdesk’s Most Popular Feature
The most popular feature available with Vision Helpdesk is the satellite helpdesk feature where companies can run multiple brands and multiple domains on the same helpdesk system using a single helpdesk license.

“Many web hosting reseller companies are turning to Vision Helpdesk because of the satellite feature that allows hosting companies to offer white label end user support to their clients and it allows hosting companies to offer an on-demand helpdesk to reseller clients,” says Jadhav. “Web hosting companies using popular billing systems such as WHMCS can easily integrate with Vision Helpdesk to offer various modules including login sharing, fetching WHMCS fields, paid support, and other features hosting companies find useful in their day-to-day operations.”

Additional Vision Helpdesk Features
In addition to Vision Helpdesk’s satellite feature, Jadhav says there are other features that companies are using to increase support help productivity. Below is a list of a few additional popular features included with Vision Helpdesk.

· Anti-Spam
· Multi-Language
· Google Apps and Gmail Support
· SLA and Escalation
· Custom Fields
· Mobile Version and Desktop Alert System
· Reports Generation

“As you can see from the list above, Vision Helpdesk offers some advanced features that can help boost a company’s response times enabling them to offer better support to their customers,” says Jadhav.

Viewing the Vision Helpdesk Interface
Having spent years in the hosting industry reviewing and using software from dozens of vendors, my first reaction to Vision Helpdesk’s interface is its simplicity. With so many features available, most helpdesk systems would struggle trying to make it this easy for users to navigate their way through features that can help increase the level of support offered to customers.

“By using a combination of PHP and Ajax and investing a lot of time in usability testing, customers will experience a user-friendly, yet powerful interface for managing helpdesk tickets and support departments from administrator to technician to customer or any end user,” says Jadhav.

Integrating Vision Helpdesk
Vision Helpdesk offers a plug-in architecture, API, and custom hooks to make third party scripts integration simple. Vision Helpdesk also offers login sharing with various scripts like WHMCS, Blesta, Clientexec, Plesk Billing, OsCommerce, vBulletin, SM Forum, WordPress Blog, Joomla, and other popular web based systems.

“Vision Helpdesk licenses are available in two formats – client server installation and hosted services. Licenses can be purchased either monthly or owned,” says Jadhav. “Vision Helpdesk also comes with a built-in migration tool which takes three simple steps to migrate tickets and users from other helpdesk software like Kayako SupportSuite, Cerberus, WHMCS, Perldesk, and Auracle.”

Industries Using Vision Helpdesk
Vision Helpdesk is not just for web hosting companies. Jadhav says they have customers from various industries outside of the web hosting industry. Below is a partial list of industries using Vision Helpdesk.

· Web Design Companies
· Software Companies
· Support Companies
· Outsourcing Companies
· Web Hosting Companies and Data Centers

“Bottom line – Vision Helpdesk supports any company that offers email support to their customers,” adds Jadhav.

What Makes Vision Helpdesk Unique?
“Compared to other helpdesk systems, Vision Helpdesk is feature rich, has an easy learning curve, and comes with friendly, knowledgeable support,” says Jadhav. Additionally, we offer competitive and economical pricing and offer fast turnaround on new feature development and bug fixes.”

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