Issue 20 – Alternative Web Hosting

One doesn’t have to rely on traditional server platforms or even grid-based power systems to provide quality web hosting solutions. Columns Hosting Gurus: Server ... Continue Reading →

Issue 19 – Creating A Bulletproof VPN With IPCop

Whether you are leasing server space from a datacenter provider or you are managing your own, connectivity is a must for any web host. “Of course” you might be thinking, ... Continue Reading →

Issue 18 – SEO: Google’s Search For You!

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are many tools at your disposal. There are two meta tags and one HTML tag that will help you in optimizing your site ... Continue Reading →

Issue 17 – High Tech To High Court

When it comes to staying current with the latest trends and changes on the technology side of hosting, there are plenty of resources available. But what about when a provider’s ... Continue Reading →

Issue 16 – Hosting the World

Although international web hosting demand is rising rapidly, often in countries outside of the U.S., the infrastructure to serve this demand has yet to adequately develop. Further, ... Continue Reading →

Issue 15 – The End of Phones As We Know It! – VoIP

It is indeed an easily verified fact that few other consumer technologies are as omnipresent and as widely-utilized as the telephone. After all, even among us “techies,” ... Continue Reading →

Issue 14 – Server Compromised

Major security breaches can be disastrous to a web hosting firm. Besides the obvious “black eye” that a security issue creates, you also have to consider the resulting downtime, ... Continue Reading →

Issue 13 – Storage & Backup, A Hidden Priority

At the core of all IT operations, data backups have always been somewhat of a “hidden” priority — not given the full scope of attention that it is needed. It only ... Continue Reading →

Issue 12 – Killer Customer Service, Part 2

Matt Lightner, CEO of, tells you how to come out victorious in the fierce battle for customer service superiority with his second installment subtitled “The ... Continue Reading →

Issue 11 – Killer Customer Service, Part 1

You want to take over the world, and you want to do it with your hosting company, right? Get in line. It’s the waiting line for web hosting greatness, and it’s one of the ... Continue Reading →