Issue 60 – Ten Worst States For Identity Theft

While identity theft is a big problem across our country, with criminals stealing identities from both children and adults, the issue is more severe in some states than others. Also, ... Continue Reading →

Issue 59 – Traditional Marketing Is Dead!

A number of signs point to an inconvenient truth for many businesses: Traditional marketing is on its way out. In place of this broken model, America’s most innovative companies ... Continue Reading →

Issue 58 – Negative SEO: Problem or Myth?

The algorithm update Penguin was rolled out in April of 2012.  One topic with SEO which just won’t go away is negative SEO. This is the darkest blackhat tactic or unethical way ... Continue Reading →
Issue 57 - Fortifying The Web’s Infrastructure

Issue 57 – Fortifying The Web’s Infrastructure

It’s fall of 2011 when online activists begin growing increasingly alarmed regarding something the U.S. Congress is brewing up: Legislation pertinent to intellectual property and ... Continue Reading →

Issue 56 – Jeffrey Lyon: Commanding Innovation at Black Lotus

When starting out in business, it can be difficult to strike the perfect balance between theoretical education and hands-on experience. Just like any other industry, the web hosting ... Continue Reading →

Issue 55 – The Next 365

On January 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM, the ball dropped in New York’s Time Square as thousands of spectators ushered in the New Year. While many look forward to setting new personal resolutions ... Continue Reading →

Issue 54 – The Story Behind The New TLDs

Significantly expand the range of TLDs outside the restraints of .COM, .NET, .ORG and the other few domain endings that had been available. It would take a lot of work, discussion and ... Continue Reading →

Issue 53 – Ten Tips To Ensure Your Security

The more technology makes our working lives easier, the more it seems technology complicates our lives by making it easier for insiders with malicious intent and outsiders bent on stealing ... Continue Reading →

Issue 52 – 10 Tips for Handling Customer Griping!

Spirit Airlines recently flew into a big public relations disaster. Sticking to a no-refunds policy, the airline refused to refund the airfare of a passenger who had to cancel his trip ... Continue Reading →

Issue 51 – 2012 Ping! Zine Readers’ Choice Awards

Ping! Zine recently polled our readers, asking them their opinions on who they thought excelled in key categories of the web hosting industry. After extensive feedback, the results ... Continue Reading →