CDG Commerce Goes Team Building Trip Via Canoes

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Companies routinely do team building exercises, whether it’s to strengthen trust between co-workers or to simply become more efficient. Account merchant provider CDG Commerce had an entirely unique take on team building thing, recently setting out on the Nishnabotna River with a fleet of 63 canoes.

And apparently the company is a fan of multitasking, because along for the ride were CDG’s live chat representatives who had to balance fun with work, all while canoeing. Challenging right?

CDG Commerce special events coordinator Marius Dicpetris recently explained the company’s reasoning behind the measure. “It just seemed a shame not to allow all of our hard-working live chat representatives to join in the fun. So we brought them along. And we let them know, look, your safety comes first, so if your boat capsizes, DO NOT attempt to swim and type responses simultaneously,” she commented in a report from

Interestingly enough, during one live chat session, CDG representative Chad Knauer experienced a snake. But that wasn’t the worst thing, the company also had a man overboard.

While CDG may be setting a record with canoeing all while operating a business, if it continues to do so, it could find itself up the creek without a paddle, so to speak. Check out the inside scoop on The Hosting News.