CDN Error Leads to Site Downtime

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Internet phishing is a major problem on the web as user privacy remains a valuable asset.

On Wednesday, it appears that some websites unintentionally received the “phishing” label thanks to an error that occurred when resolution service OpenDNS apparently blocked, this according to a report from The Register ( is a script source that some website operators rely, using jQuery. The result caused a problem within the Content Delivery Network maintained by Google, bringing access to a significant amount of websites to a halt.

Attempting to access the sites resulted in error messages, one of which contained a phishing warning.

Meanwhile, Bri-Net’s Mat Bennett told The Register that for three hours, his company’s site was down.

However, he along with possible others worked to transfer to other unaffected content delivery networks. Bennett also discussed the matter on web blog, pointing out that the problem may have had to do with SSL. The Register speculated that a change in SSL certificates could have resulted in the blocking.

As a resolution service, OpenDNS helps with website redirection and protect against phishing. For more information on the matter, view the report by The Register at: