CEO of TelStar Hosted Services Gives Speech on Cloud Adoption

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – James P. Dunn, CEO, TelStar Hosted Services, Inc., a leading provider of hosted call center solutions and Silver Sponsor of ITEXPO’s Cloud Communications Summit, spoke today on the hosted customer care, and gave examples of two clients and one vendor successfully leveraging TelStar Hosted’s cloud communications as a service to better address customer needs.

“Innovators or early adopters of technology do not always use it as it was designed, and are not always sophisticated users of technology,” said James Dunn, CEO, TelStar Hosted. “TelStar Hosted has found that offering technology along with advice on how to use it is a key differentiator.”

James Dunn continued, “We’ve helped one behavioral health company to use technology to change their game. Originally, the company relied on outside sales for referrals. Now they do most of their marketing over the internet. It’s more discreet and reaches a nationwide audience. The CEO, a doctor, is not a call center guy. He wanted virtual enrollment for his company but he needed help to implement this. We are able to offer technology and call center advice, from our management team of call center experts.”

“Another example is a health insurance outsourcer for Medicare sign-ups,” said Mr. Dunn. “They do 80% of their business in 4 months. They pay a lot for their inbound leads, so every lead counts. During that time, they need 400 to 500 customer care agents taking calls and can’t have any downtime. It’s a long call, normally one and a half hours, and reliability is key, service must be up all the time. This company knows its business, they know insurance – but they don’t know call center. We are able to deliver to them the technology and service they require, but also advice on quality assurance and work force management.”

“Our model can also help software vendors,” remarked James Dunn. “We are a multi-vendor provider of hosted call center solutions, we provide best-of-breed technology via the cloud. We recently announced a partnership with Vocalcom, a major provider of call center technology that’s big in Europe, but not in North America. They needed a marketing and sales presence; we bring clients, they bring the technology. We can also help with marketing and web strategy, to bring their technology to the cloud.”

Mr. Dunn fielded a number of questions from the audience, including “How do you put up cash for call center when the economy is lagging?” James Dunn responded that a hosted solution can be an answer to this common problem facing businesses today. He added “businesses today are looking for operational expenditure not capital investment, and they’re looking to get advice on how to use technology.” Another participant asked “Can we trust the cloud?” Mr. Dunn replied “We can trust the cloud if it is architected in the right way. It takes people, process and technology working together, and you must invest in all three. Compared to a lot of call centers, we’re good, but we can always be better. You need continuous improvement, and reliability is critical to gain the trust of the customer,” concluded Mr. Dunn.

About TelStar Hosted Services, Inc.

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