Chinese Hackers Linked to Country’s Military

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – China’s relevancy and influence in the hacking world continues to rise. According to report issued by security firm Mandiant on Tuesday, a group known as APT1 with links to the Chinese military has kept busy, stealing sensitive data related to more than one hundred organizations.

“Our analysis has led us to conclude that APT1 is likely government-sponsored and one of the most persistent of China’s cyber threat actors. We believe that APT1 is able to wage such a long-running and extensive cyber espionage campaign in large part because it receives direct government support,” states Mandiant via its report.

In fact, the security firm noted once the attacker established connectivity with a victim, they “periodically” visited back, further stealing more data which included things like technology blueprints, intellectual property, business plans and more.

In one case in particular, APT1 was found to have stolen as much as 6.5 terabytes of data. 87% of the businesses affected were English-speaking. 709 of the C&C servers belonging to the hackers were maintained in China while 109 were actually based in the United States.

“A secret, resourced organization full of mainland Chinese speakers with direct access to Shanghai-based telecommunications infrastructure is engaged in a multi-year, enterprise scale computer espionage campaign right outside of Unit 61398’s gates, performing tasks similar to Unit 61398’s known mission,” concludes the security firm.

China is no stranger to being accused as the culprit in security breaches. Security analysts have speculated that hackers in the country have had links to high profile attacks on Gmail, Lockheed Martin and others.