Choosing the Right Ecommerce Shopping Cart System

If you want to create and run a thriving online business, you must identify and implement the very best software and hardware elements. This will enable you to save time and money and improve customer satisfaction the easy way. To make a first step in the right direction, you should go in favor of a great ecommerce shopping cart system.

The shopping cart solutions brought to you by different ecommerce platforms come with a long list of advantages that you may want to consider.

Check Out Multiple Payment Gateways

Innovative ecommerce shopping cart solutions gives you the chance to accept credit card payments and use one of the many integrated gateways that are currently available, including PayPal and Google Checkout. Order data and credit card info is protected at all times; therefore, you and your customers will never have to worry about frauds or other kinds of privacy risks. Here’s an extra tip: opt for a platform that is Level 1 PCI Compliant, allowing you to complete transactions by accepting credit cards securely.

Opt for a User-friendly Customer Checkout

Most buyers love online shopping because it is the most convenient method to purchase goods. In this case, all you have to do is to enable your clients to attain peace of mind from a relaxing, satisfying shopping experience by going in favor of a modern, secure ecommerce shopping cart system like those offered by Shopify. The greatest advantage of online shopping is that it encourages prospects to save time and get the products that they need or crave for with just a few clicks. An ‘Automatic’, hassle-free process that can be finalized in a matter of a few seconds will be greatly appreciated by most of your customers.

Get the SSL certificate for Increased Safety at No Extra Cost

Once you opt for a certain ecommerce shopping cart solution, make sure the 128-bit SSL certificate is automatically included in your package. This certificate pledges safe transactions, allowing you to benefit from a superior encryption utilized by some of the most reputable banks.

Clients only buy from sources that give them solid guarantees. In other words, they choose to do business only with providers that reassure them that client activity on their websites won’t lead to frauds or other considerable risks.

Moreover, players who operate in the retail business have to be able to anticipate and address all the needs and demands of their clients, to preserve their competitive edge. In most cases, this coincides with the implementation of a modern shopping cart system.

“To be successful, retailers must be able to satisfy consumers who, more than ever, want to shop on their terms and expect every step in the journey to be a seamless one, whether they are online, shopping in a store or using their phones,” according to Chris Donnelly, a representative from Accenture’s Retail practice, cited by

Learn More about Multiple Taxes, Shipping Rate alternatives, Languages and Currencies

Several ecommerce platforms have designed the reliable, effective shopping cart system for people who want to reach a broader audience and attract clients from different parts of the globe. Some systems do all the currency calculations for you, so you won’t have to put your math skills to the test every single time a client places a new order.

These shopping cart solutions can also do the calculations that involve state taxes; moreover, such systems can come with a package comprising more than fifty different languages, allowing you to select the right ones for your specific needs and objectives. Also, should be able to check out different shipping rate alternatives (fixed-price, based on location or the weight of your merchandise) and select the ones which are more suitable for your online business.

Have you ever wondered what are the main factors leading to a high shopping cart abandonment rate? According Global Millennia Marketing, cited by eSurveyspro, people decide to stop buying things from certain retailers because “the checkout process is too long (44%)” and “the checkout process is confusing (27%).”

To avoid or eliminate all these major drawbacks, you have to opt for a smart ecommerce shopping cart solution. This is the best method to keep your clients on your page for the longest period of time and cultivate their loyalty.

According to WWW Metrics, “a survey of U.S. online customers found that 82% are satisfied with buying experiences that began and ended with the online store. Satisfaction dropped to 61% when they researched online and then bought in a store.” The incredible expansion of online shopping is visible on all continents.

Bottom line: go for an ecommerce platform that gives you all the tools that you may need to open and consolidate a thriving retail business in no time. The Shopify ecommerce shopping cart solution is extremely effective and convenient, and it will lead to a higher number of risk-free purchases, made by a larger segment of buyers who want to buy a wide range of goods over the Internet.