Chrome Crashes Hit Latest MacBook Airs

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Own the latest MacBook Air and you could be in for a Chrome crash. On Friday, Google, the creator behind the popular web browser acknowledged via a report by Gizmodo that the issue was occurring following complaints, said

The crash errors were pushing MacBook Air users into somewhat of a frenzy. According to a previous CNET report, the crash causes MacBook screens to fade, thus prompting users with a message telling them to restart their computers. The issue has to do with a glitch called kernel panics.

But rest assured MacBook Air users, Google said a fix is in sight. “We have identified a leak of graphics resources in the Chrome browser related to the drawing of plugins on Mac OS X. Work is proceeding to find and fix the root cause of the leak,” commented the Chrome creator in Gizmodo’s report.

Google also acknowledged that the bug affected Apple computers specifically operating on Intel’s HD 4000 graphics processor and said it had moved to disable GPU acceleration features for the browser in the meantime. Meanwhile, further fixes are expected.

Chrome has seen a steady rise in popularity since its initial debut in September of 2008. Just yesterday, at Google’s annual I/O developer conference, the company announced availability for Chrome on Apple’s mobile platform iOS.