Chrome for iOS Update Adds More Google Apps Integration

Chrome for iOS Adds More Integration for Maps, YouTube, Google+(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Shortly following the arrival of a Maps update for iOS, Google on Wednesday rolled out the latest version of Chrome for both the iPhone and iPad.

The company says it’s added “better integration between Chrome and Google apps” with the launch.

“After you sign in to Chrome, you can sign in to other Google apps with a single click. In addition, if you prefer to follow directions in the Google Maps app instead of in the browser, you can easily set a preference to open these links in the Maps app instead. Try the same for YouTube, Google+, and Google Drive (with more apps coming soon),” stated Google via a blog post.

The company also provided a hint at something else its working on: a data compression service the tech giant says will help users do things like load pages faster, save bandwidth and browse websites more securely.

Just last Wednesday, Google added full-screen tablet browsing in addition to more multilingual support for Chrome’s Android version.