Chromecast Threatens Traditional Digital Media Receivers

Chromecast Threatens Traditional Digital Media Receivers(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Hey guys and girls, perhaps it’s time to set aside those “old” digital media receivers and opt for something new. Why? Last week, Google did something quite fascinating, launching “Chromecast,” a digital adapter that allows you to stream your web usage (YouTube, Netflix and other apps) from smartphone and computer devices directly to HD TVs.

The adapter plugs directly via USB port into your TV, picks up your device’s WiFi signal and you’re set.

Aside from syncing such apps to the big screen, Chromecast allows the user to use their devices as the remote, letting them perform tasks like adjusting volume, hitting play and pausing.

If you have high functioning tablets or computers, the offering may jump out as a pretty solid and affordable alternative to digital media receivers like the Apple TV and gaming consoles with similar functionality.

Will it make old digital media receivers obsolete, though? Probably not. With console releases for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just around the corner, it’s a sure bet that many in the market will still rely on gaming devices to stream things like Netflix and Hulu. As for the Apple TV, that’s likely where Chromecast poses its greatest threat.