CirtexHosting Drops Bandwidth, Disk Space Quotas

(Ping! Zine) CirtexHosting, a leader in Linux Web hosting, today announced a seismic-shift in the way it sells hosting services, dropping both bandwidth and disk space quotas in its entire line of shared hosting services, and dropping bandwidth quotas on everything else. It is also adding telephone-based customer support for the first time.

Following the lead of its sister company. HostV, which recently dropped all bandwidth limits on Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers, CirtexHosting will become one the first high-quality hosting providers to offer truly unlimited Shared hosting services. Previously, unlimited hosting offers have been limited to companies utilizing low-tier bandwidth and low-quality server infrastructure. CirtexHosting uses neither.

“Whenever we enhance our billing and plan structure, we always make sure that quality is unaffected and our customers can continue to expect only the very best. The performance of our services remains sacrosanct, and after almost eight years in business, we’ve only seen improvements in that area. Our ability to offer such unprecedented hosting freedom is a testament to the efficiency and economies of scale we have created, largely through proprietary innovation,” said CirtexHosting President John Xie.

CirtexHosting also today added telephone-based support for customers. The new support option allows customers to talk to a real, live support representative toll-free, instead of relying on Web-based Live Chat or ticket support. There is no additional charge to utilize telephone-based support, and existing methods will remain in place.

All Shared hosting plans from CirtexHosting now offer unlimited RAID protected disk space and unlimited premium bandwidth. Plans start at just $2.49 per month and include Colortex cPanel, 24/7 premium support, and SiteBuilder software. Reseller hosting plans also offer unlimited bandwidth and start at just $24.99 per month.

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About CirtexHosting

Founded in 2003, CirtexHosting is a leading provider of shared and reseller Multiple Domain Linux web hosting solutions. Offering 24/7 technical support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and a 30-Day unconditional guarantee, CirtexHosting continues to serve thousands of businesses and individuals internationally.