Clash of Clans Receives Update To Improve Clash Wars

Clash of Clans Receives Update To Improve Clash Wars(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Clash of Clans received an update on Thursday that is geared towards improving features that was released in the update earlier this week.

The new update adds improvements to the recently launched Clan Wars and changes the maximum time spent in Clan Wars from 24 hours to 3 hours, GameZone reports.

Clan Wars, a new feature that was added to the game on Monday, enables players to compete against other opponents in “real-time.”

Below is the complete patch notes for the Clash of Clans update:

  • Dark Elixir rounding for war bonus loot is now changed (not rounded down to closest 500 anymore)
  • War Loot inside your Clan Castle will now be even more safe!! Optimise when you collect it from there, but remember, Clan Castle can’t hold unlimited amount of resources. So if your war loot doesn’t fit in when the war ends, you’ll miss it!
  • The maximum time in clan war matchmaking is reduced to 3 hours (from 24 hours). This means that if no suitable match is found within 3 hours, matchmaking will auto-cancel and you can press again the “start war” button.
  • Servers have been pimped up for even smoother Clan Wars experience!