ClearDDoS – New DDoS Protection Datacenter in San Jose Comes into Service

ClearDDoS - New DDoS Protection Datacenter in San Jose Comes into Service(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Major DDoS Protection company ClearDDoS today launches its new Protection Datacenter in San Jose. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks on computers are becoming more widespread and today are running at the rate of 28 every hour.

Motives for such attacks can vary, but are not always carried out with financial gain in mind; they may be from someone who has a grievance against a business, or might be from a competitor. While originally targeting major corporations such as banks and credit card companies, such attacks have increased in number so that now even relatively small businesses need to protect themselves.

ClearDDoS’ new Datacenter is launched in response to increasing demand for its global traffic cleaning abilities. Staff at ClearDDoS have an average ten years experience in dealing with DDoS attacks and the new mitigation center in San Jose can protect a client’s website or infrastructure against most types of attack, whether flood attacks or application attacks.

Flood attacks include such things as TCP, UDP and ICMP attacks, together with DNS and SNMP amplification. Application attacks include smurf, spoofing, botnets and SSL exhaustion. ClearDDoS can deal with all such attacks and more.

ClearDDoS systems incorporate powerful tools such as VPN tunnels, which rapidly clean the clients traffic of malicious threats before passing the clean traffic on to them.

ClearDDoS offers different levels of protection. Their Chief Technical Officer says, “We very much understand that different clients have varying requirements on the level of protection that they need for their server security, so we provide different levels of dedicated server defense in order to accommodate each individual client. Every client can get the protection he needs within his budget.”

The new Datacenter in San Jose is being opened in response to ever increasing demand for ClearDDoS services, and gives considerably enhanced capacity for protection against DDoS attacks. The ClearDDoS JSC Datacenter has a 30G firewall, but only sells protected server with 10Gbps DDoS Protection, very high quality network and unmetered traffic. Technical support is available 24/7/365.

Client satisfaction is at the heart of ClearDDoS philosophy and has been for the fifteen years that it has been providing this type of security. Attention to detail and the flexibility to accommodate the varying demands of different clients are the reasons that ClearDDoS has become one of the leading businesses in the field.

The company has its headquarters in Kowloon, Hong Kong, and has bases in Vancouver, Canada, and in Los Angeles, in addition to the new facility in San Jose. ClearDDoS guarantees 99.9% uptime capability and its services are fully scalable and customizable. Service provision is extremely fast: a new client can be fully protected within fifteen minutes. Hosting is available on a cloud server, or on a dedicated server according to the individual client’s requirements.

The new Datacenter in San Jose gives the company the ability to service the needs of more clients, together with room for future expansion as the frequency of DDoS attacks increases.

For further details about ClearDDoS and its products please go to or email: CS(at)clear-ddos(dot)com.