Cloud Host Storm on Demand Introduces Storm SSD

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Storm On Demand (, the cloud hosting arm of managed hosting provider Liquid Web (, is excited to announce its latest High Performance hosting product:  Storm SSD ( In Storm SSD, Storm On Demand has tweaked its Cloud Servers, already the industry standard in terms of High Performance (, to include Solid State Drives and full redundancy. This innovation sees Storm On Demand outdoing itself, by increasing the power and speed of a product which was already the fastest available I/O Performer in the Cloud market (

As Solid State technology has opened doors for innovation and improvement amongst the hosting community, the engineers at Storm On Demand saw an opportunity to deliver an unparalleled High Performance product with Storm SSD.  Delivering I/O Rates and access times that are impossible to achieve with a traditional disk based system, this new product will load faster and perform data base queries much more rapidly than any other Cloud Hosting product.  In a recent benchmarking test, Storm SSD 12GB performed 4K Sequential Writes at 225,000 IOPS.  By contrast, Storm’s non-SSD 8GB instance performed the test at 15,000 IOPS with Amazon EC2 m1.large clocking in at 4,900.  In addition to improved speed, Storm SSD will operate with a low server load, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling your server’s processing power to be fully utilized.

Liquid Web/Storm On Demand Founder and CEO, Matthew Hill, discusses the applications that will benefit from the genesis of Storm SSD:
–“Storm SSD is ideal for High Performance web applications, large databases and indexes, as well as any environment in which data is subject to frequent access.  By improving upon our already rapid I/O performance, we are eager to see the new horizons our customers are able to explore.

Product/Pricing Information:

3G-SSD 3G 35 GB 1 $75/month
6G-SSD 6G 70 GB 2 $150/month
12G-SSD 12G 140 GB 4 $300/month

By enabling enhanced usage of your resources and providing full redundancy, Storm SSD will provide great value outside of its High Power improvements.  The pricing, listed in the table above, will remain competitive and commensurate with similar SSD powered hosting products.  Storm On Demand anticipates Storm SSD to be one of the year’s most significant Cloud Hosting achievements.

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