Cloud Monitoring Tools Adds Efficiency to Computing Environment

Cloud Monitoring Tools Adds Efficiency to Computing Environment(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The evolution of the “Cloud Computing” has transformed the enterprise IT into a more complex system than ever. Man of the organizations are now going over-capacity into the cloud and migrating to the cloud based SaaS applications, while many continue to maintain huge on-premise and virtualized infrastructures. Whether you consider the cloud as an add-on for on-premise infrastructures or as a new home for critical business applications, operations team must have the similar perspective for the cloud based systems as the rest of their infrastructure.

But for efficient computing, cloud service providers and managed service providers are seeking for effective cloud monitoring and applications management tools. Some of the best clouds monitoring tools available in the market are appdynamics, ManageEngine, Monitis, NetEnrich, NewRelic, splunkstorm, zyron etc.

How these tools help to monitor the end-user performance over the cloud?

Businesses that are facing growing demands need to maintain high levels of availability for both websites and applications. On the other hand, outages and performance degradations in the external-facing applications will quickly lead to revenue loss, wasted productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and financial liabilities when the obligations at service level are not met. Whenever a problem arises, time is of the essence: and the application owners need to come in action for detecting, diagnose and resolving the issues at a fast pace.

At the same time, IT companies also roll out applications and websites rapidly than ever before. With the increase in the number of business applications and services, level of complexity for monitoring as well as managing them also increases. Between trends in social, mobile, and cloud computing, it is quite essential that IT application and operation support staff should be provided with access to information that allows quick assessment to them “why a site is unavailable or facing slow response times?”

Monitoring of the cloud-based applications requires a different approach to overcome complexities when it works outside the firewall. The factors that bring the difference are:

  • Signing contract with numerous Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Installation and maintenance of hardware
  • Keeping a control on monitoring Points of Presence (POPs)
  • Ensuring highly availability and scalability in the environment
  • Addressing to the security considerations
  • Requirement of the Investment for staff and for managing the implementation on a 24/7 basis