Cloud Spectator Releases the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Report On Price-Performance Metrics Among Top 15 IaaS Providers

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Cloud Spectator, the leader in performance and pricing analysis for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) marketplace, today announced the release of Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2015 Part 2: Price-Performance Comparison Among 15 Top IaaS Providers, the industry’s most comprehensive study that reveals the significant impact that performance can have on the overall value of your IaaS environment.

The report is the most in-depth analysis on the subject and is based on over one million data points collected over a period of 24 hours.  Part 2 of the report takes the pricing analysis performed in Part 1 a step further by adding various price-performance metrics. The data is significant for enterprises, developers, and consultants investigating which providers offer the most performance value per unit of cost.

“Knowing the price-performance value for your requirements is critical in creating a sustainable long-term IT plan,” said Kenny Li, CEO of Cloud Spectator.   “The advantage in understanding price-performance is the potential cost savings of buying less infrastructure on better performing services. This can have a huge impact within organizations that have a large footprint in the Cloud.”

As evidenced by the downloads of Part 1 from a cross-section of industries – 44% hosting providers, 42% enterprise and 14% IT and business consultants – insight into Cloud price-performance data is becoming critical in driving purchasing decisions to ensure that IT budgets are in check and that enterprises are getting the best value.

“Cloud Spectator delivers a valuable service to the Cloud consumer. Our customers gain insight into both price and price-performance metrics from the publicly available reports.  This information can be used to help our clients perform an annual operating cost analysis for each provider in our ecosystem,” said William Harvey, Director of Business Operations & Technology, eBay Enterprise.

The Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2015 report provides the tools organizations need to compare Cloud vendor pricing across certain configurations in order to make informed purchase decisions. Highlights of Part 2 include:

  • When the results from Part 1 and Part 2 of the benchmarking report are compared, the ranking of providers changed when not just price, but price-performance were taken into account.
  • Performance tests were conducted on 5 different virtual machine (VM) sizes across 15 of the largest IaaS providers for a total of 75 VMs examined in this report.
  • Over 1 million data points were collected over a 24-hour period on processor & memory to examine not only performance, but also patterns including instability/unpredictability and bursting.
  • Cloud providers have been responding to a demand in the market for high performance–e.g., AWS recently released its C4 Family (link to C4 report on the website); similarly, Azure introduced D4 in Q4 2014 (link to D4 report on the website).
  • The least expensive provider is not always the worst-performing provider, and the most-expensive provider is not always the best-performing one.
  • The amount of variability in performance across the industry was eye-opening. Providers like CenturyLink ProfitBricks, SoftLayer and Verizon demonstrated steady performance over the 24-hour period. AWS’s T2 micro, which has burst performance features, exhibited a controlled period of high performance followed by a controlled period of lower performance. Other providers, like Rackspace and DigitalOcean, demonstrated much higher performance than the competitors, but also much higher levels of variance in performance.
  • Enterprises frequently examine Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in respect to the raw cost of infrastructure and features. This report cautions against doing so without also examining performance. Testing a cloud environment requires more than spot testing to understand behavior and performance differences across providers.

Part 2: Price-Performance Comparison Among The 15 Top IaaS Providers can be downloaded at

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