CloudApps Launches Carbon Summer ‘10

(Ping! Zine) – CloudApps today announced it has launched CloudApps Carbon Summer ‘10 edition on’s ChatterExchange, helping to accelerate the market shift to Cloud 2, the next cloud computing paradigm. CloudApps Carbon Summer ‘10 is among the first apps to leverage the social components of Chatter available in the platform. These new apps can all be found on the ChatterExchange, a brand new category for social enterprise apps that is now part of AppExchange 2.

CloudApps is a leader in carbon emissions management, helping customers measure, manage and moderate their use of natural resources. Now fully Chatter-enabled, CloudApps Carbon Summer ’10 can deliver real-time updates via Chatter feeds on a company’s emissions sources, their carbon footprint, disclosures they make and emission reduction programs they operate. CloudApps is creating an engaging and viral mechanism, allowing every employee to get involved in their company’s efforts to minimize carbon emissions.