Cloudera releases Apache Spot 1.0 to help enterprises detect cybersecurity issues faster

Cloudera, developers of the modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics, releases Apache Spot 1.0, still incubating, which enables fast, easy, and more scalable cybersecurity machine learning. Cloudera’s cybersecurity solution is built on Spot, and allows enterprises to more effectively accelerate advanced threat detection at scale. Spot is a community-driven cybersecurity project built to bring advanced analytics to all IT Telemetry data on an open, scalable platform.

Chief executive officer at Cloudera, Tom Reilly, states that taking advantage of community based open source innovation and collaboration to strengthen the company’s solutions and deliver customer value is at the heart of Cloudera’s strategy. Alan Ross, CTO Cybraics and Apache Spot Founder, states that by joining the Apache Spot community, the company can access and share information to help push advancements into the open source community and deliver results to customers in less time.

Spot is built on top of Cloudera’s platform leveraging Apache Spark and Hadoop, optimized for Intel hardware, and provides the ability to ingest and store high volumes of IT telemetry data for advanced threat detection with machine learning, accelerated threat investigation with complete contextual information at analyst finger tips, and a future-proofed open source infrastructure that changes the economics of cybersecurity.

Read the full post at Cloudera to learn more on the highlights from the Spot 1.0 release and how Cloudera and Spot are helping cybersecurity teams collaborate more effectively.