CloudeyeZ Announces a Virtual Lost and Found in the Cloud

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – CloudeyeZ, a Digital Ages LLC, has launched a new B2B solution for companies and governments who through security compromises may have LOST items like Data, Intellectual Property, Software, or Hardware.

When there is a computer system compromise of data, most people think there’s no chance of ever getting it back. Their belief is the “horse has left the barn” or the “train has left the station”. “That’s not necessarily true in all instances,” states Dan Clements, a CloudeyeZ Team Member. “There may be some value in assessing what was actually taken and possibly getting it back, especially if the data is perishable, such as banking information.”

The CloudeyeZ LOST and FOUND system allows compromised owners to enter a brief description of the LOST item, to be compared with the description of a FOUND item. If a relative match occurs, an escrow period is entered to further evaluate the probability that the LOST item actually belongs to the owner, and then retrieval instructions are formulated.

“With the recent stories on Lulzsec, Anonymous, and Wikileaks, it would appear no computer system is safe,” states Nikolay Danev, a CloudeyeZ Team Member. “With the registration of some brief identifying data and an accompanying match, a CTO may be able to better assess the compromise, thus allowing them to better allocate resources to shore up and provide management the necessary information for corporate decisions and disclosure compliance.”

As global hacks continue to rise, the conduit created by CloudeyeZ may provide security professionals an alternative to saving their job, their company, or their government.

About CloudeyeZ

CloudeyeZ is a group of international security professionals who have teamed up to offer a progressive solution of possibly recovering lost property from the cloud. Some members of our team are well known in the press, others are not. But we are all united in the belief that cloud based computing and storage on multiple servers that cross global jurisdictions, is absolutely insecure.

For years our team members have been involved in security compromises where companies deny hacks, call in law enforcement, maybe fess up, then blame some third party. This process doesn’t confirm what was actually hacked, with very few hackers actually going to jail, and the company may suffer a goodwill loss. This negative protocol usually doesn’t allow for any chance of getting the property back. Our members have worked with global banks, Fortune 500 companies, and the investigative units of many governments. It was here that we learned the traditional methods of security investigation and enforcement have proven not to be a deterrent to people who may pose a security threat. Hacking seems to be on a global rise. Since companies and governments lose property every day, we have created this alternative model to help get their property back.

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