Cloudtrek Announces Expansion of Its IaaS

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Cloudtrek, a leader in private cloud hosting services, announces its nationwide expansion of Cloudtrek IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), providing enterprise businesses with completely scalable, customizable and cost effective Private Cloud Services.

Cloudtrek’s IaaS/Cloud provides custom security and built-to-suit Cores, SDD, RAM, and firewall features. Our CTU (Cloud Trek Unit) is hypervisor agnostic and all licensing can be provided per client’s specific requirements.

“A lot of Cloud Services are a one-size fits all solution,” said Cloudtrek President, Igor Shalkevich. “We found our clients have very specific needs and requirements that are not being met by ‘Public Cloud Providers.’ Developing a private cloud requires scalability and unmatched know-how. Our team pioneered one of the very first data center businesses in Los Angeles in 1999, and has been running tiered data centers and support for thousands of large enterprise companies, helping them deploy, manage and maintain their infrastructure.”

Shalkevich continued, “In early 2008, we started seeing accelerated adaptation of virtualization and the idea of Cloud Computing services started becoming a reality. We began to deploy our own private clouds for testing and experimentation, and learned what works and what doesn’t. There are not many teams who have as much real world experience and expertise in the Private Cloud space as our team at Cloudtrek does.”

Cloudtrek IaaS offers flexibility and customization at a predictable monthly cost. Along with rapid provisioning and instant modifications, Cloudtrek does what other global cloud services cannot. This includes the ability to co-locate a line-of-business application that must remain on its current physical server platform but needs to run in the same environment as the cloud infrastructure, which gives businesses a hybrid cloud option.

“Our clients are looking for flexibility and complete control of their cloud, and we can help them achieve a much better solution than what currently exists,” said Cloudtrek CTO Vincent Vuong. “Every business has very different needs when it comes to moving to our growing their Cloud. We consult and educate our customers on their deployments and related security needs, and get them up and running quickly. We want our customers to know what we know so that they can make the right decisions and allow them focus on driving their business goals while we support their technology infrastructure needs.”

About Cloudtrek

“Truly Private” offers a truly private IaaS/Cloud, which resides on customizable enterprise-grade infrastructure. Our IaaS/Cloud offering is extremely secure, fault tolerant, cost effective and has unlimited scalability to support the needs of today’s mid to large-sized companies. For more information on Cloudtrek and the company’s customized cloud solutions, please contact one of our Cloudtrek professionals today at 949-445-1951; email us at info(at)cloudtrek(dot)com, or visit: