Club Nintendo July Games Now Available

Club Nintendo July Games Now Available (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Club Nintendo has been updated with this month’s games, making a couple of classic Nintendo games available to download.

For the 3DS, players can download Kid Icarus and Metal Torrent for 200 coins each, while Wii U players can get Donkey Kong Jr. for 200 coins and Paper Mario for 250.

Club Nintendo’s featured games for July will be available until August 3rd from the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo’s customer loyalty program was launched for the U.S. in 2008, giving members the opportunity to earn coins by providing feedback and taking surveys to trade in for special edition items and games. Users wanting to become a member can do so here.

Currently, special edition items available are Mario & Luigi greeting cards, Nintendogs greeting cards, Kirby patch set, animal crossing 3DS pouch, and a New Leaf 2 poster set, ranging from 80 coins to 500 coins.