.CO Promo Launched by WestHost

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – The .CO domain name has gotten quite a bit of attention as of late.

It’s set to get prime time attention this weekend thanks to a television spot from Go Daddy expected to air during the Super Bowl. And on Friday, web hosting provider, WestHost announced it would aggressively advertise the TLD.

In a reference to larger web hosts including Go Daddy, WestHost Director of Marketing stated, “Major domain registrars are spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns intended to drown out competition for the domain extension but our new ‘.CO’ price discount is intended to open up opportunities for customers looking for an affordable alternative.”

With a promotion of the TLD, the web hosting provider is offering registration of .CO domains for $9.49. Anderson also referred to his company’s promotion as “more cost-effective” than Go Daddy’s.

The .CO domain, which is primarily recognized as a TLD for advertising businesses also doubles as the ccTLD for the South American country of Columbia. .CO for international businesses became available  in 2010.

In its press release discussing the company’s promotion of .CO, WestHost cited a report from the New York Times showing a registration rate of 600 thousand domains using the TLD thus far.

WestHost’s promotion of .CO is set to run for a limited time. Aside from web hosting, WestHost’s services include cloud, domain registration, reseller hosting and dedicated servers. For more information regarding the company, visit: http://www.westhost.com/