Cobweb Solutions Achieves an 80 Percent Microsoft Lync Attach Rate with Parallels Automation Cloud Platform

Cobweb Solutions Achieves an 80 Percent Microsoft Lync Attach Rate with Parallels Automation Cloud Platform(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Parallels, a leading hosting and cloud services enablement provider, worked with Cobweb Solutions Ltd, Europe’s largest independent provider of Hosted Microsoft Exchange, to offer Microsoft Lync to Cobweb’s customers via Parallels Automation, resulting in an 80 percent attach rate among trial offer participants.

Cobweb is using Parallels Automation to serve over 6,000 small and medium-sized businesses, and to manage over 130,000 Hosted Exchange mailboxes. The smart service integration and rapid service provisioning in Parallels Automation provides the capabilities Cobweb needs to quickly create and test new bundles in their market.

Cobweb began its Microsoft Lync implementation with a three-month trial among selected existing customers. The trial was used to assess management requirements, identify potential roadblocks, and ensure that customer service requests could be fulfilled quickly and easily. Parallels Automation enabled Cobweb to roll out Microsoft Lync, both directly to customers and through its network of over 250 channel partners across Europe.

“The trial was a resounding success, with 80 percent of participants signing up for a subscription,” said Mark Davies, Sales and Marketing Director, Cobweb. “Being able to quickly and easily add new services like Microsoft Lync enables us to generate more revenue and improve customer retention. By using Parallels Automation, we were able to go to market faster so we can focus on closing deals.”

According to the most recent Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™, the global market for Communications and Collaboration solutions is projected to triple in the next three years, from US$6.5 billion in 2013 to US$20 billion by 2016. Customers are seeing significant benefit by combining unified communications services like Microsoft Lync with their other cloud-based collaboration and communications solutions such as Hosted Exchange.

“We have worked with Parallels since 2007 and the partnership has been key to our growth,” said Davies. “I expect that to continue as we enable more and more of our reseller partners to leverage the Parallels Automation platform.”

“We are consistently seeing that service providers who bundle relevant services are able to grow rapidly,” said Jacek Murawski, Parallels General Manager and Vice President, EMEA. “Parallels Automation made it easy for Cobweb to create a new trial offer that lead to an increased attach rate of 80%, far exceeding industry averages.”

In a recent report by Edge Strategies, up to 62 percent of cloud users indicated they would prefer to receive their internet voice services from their email provider, assuming competitive price and availability. Further, Microsoft has reported that partners offering Hosted Lync in addition to Hosted Exchange experienced on average 18 percent annual growth, compared to just five percent average annual growth for partners offering Hosted Exchange alone, indicating a powerful value proposition for partners to offer both solutions together.

Parallels Automation is the only platform to automate and simplify cloud service delivery for the largest telcos, hosters and IT distributors. It accelerates creation and delivery of unique cloud services bundles through multiple sales channels, streamlines service provider operations, and delights channel partners and customers with a unified service experience. It is supported by the largest ecosystem of over 250 ISVs and Parallels fourteen years of industry experience, giving hosting companies like Cobweb a solid foundation to build their cloud-based product and service offering.

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Parallels® is a global leader in hosting and cloud services enablement and cross-platform solutions. Parallels began operations in 2000 and has developed into a fast-growing software company with more than 900 employees across offices in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

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About Cobweb
Cobweb Solutions is the biggest independent Cloud Communications provider in Europe, delivering a range of Hosted communication tools to more than 6,000 small and medium-sized business customers. Since its formation in 1996 as an Application Service Provider, Cobweb has been a pioneer in providing Microsoft Exchange as a Hosted Service, providing invaluable experience and the knowledge to offer our customers a specialist service that is both simple and reliable.

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