ColdFusion 8 Launches in Beta

Just a few days ago, mega software developer, Adobe, released its most recent version of ColdFusion. Previously code named ‘Scorpio’ the beta release is now referred to as ColdFusion 8.

A number of web hosts are offering free trials of the beta release for developers to test out and debug prior to the full release later this year.

I spoke with the folks at Adobe regarding the beat release for the next issue of PingZine and here is a brief summary of what they had to say.

Mr. Tim Buntel, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ColdFusion at Adobe addressed the new features of ColdFusion 8, ”The tip of the iceberg on new features is already a pretty long list. I think if I had to say one thing about the release, this is Adobe ColdFusion. ColdFusion 8 shows what happens when you inject ColdFusion with Adobe’s DNA.
It’s really about making this great experience for the application user, with a whole slew of new features: PDF’s, rich Internet applications, and multimedia presentations – simply a much more meaningful experience for users. There is also a lot more integration in the enterprise. We’re Doing for .NET what we’ve done for Java in the past. Plus Exchange integration. Then also enhancing the developer’s experience.”

Among the release’s new features are the ability to monitor the server applications in production. According to information supplied by Adobe, the server monitoring will permit developers to daignose slow pages queries and threads, track memory usage, manage active threads, and monitor database usage. Added in this version as well is the ability to create on-demand presentations with a customizable look and feel. ColdFusion 8 will also further improve the Flex/ColdFusion connectivity through data exchange simplification and a simpler architecture.

Tim also spoke to the issue of the free beta accounts, ”If you don’t want to install or are unable to install the product on your machine for any reason, then with a ColdFusion hosting partner such as, you’ll be able to go sign up and have a small account that is running on ColdFusion 8 that will allow you to start writing code and use the features that environment. Those accounts are free as well.”

According to anyone can sign up for a free ColdFusion 8 beta account here:

You can also learn more about ColdFusion 8 at the Adobe website:

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