ColdFusion Hosting Gains Traction

ColdFusion hosting and development received a big boost earlier this year with the official launch of Adobe’s ColdFusion 8 platform. Now that the dust has settled, I thought that I would list off a few good resources for those of you considering using ColdFusion 8 to produce websites or online applications. So here is a brief list of ColdFusion resources in no particular order:

The ColdFusion section of the Adobe website: You can read up on all the specifications of ColdFusion 8. Also compare the latest version features with previous versions. If you are so inclined, you can buy a full license to install on your own server. There are also some pretty entertaining customer story videos embedded in the home page.

The Adobe ColdFusion support forums: An active community of ColdFusion developers sharing tips and techniques for getting the most out of ColdFusion 8. There are posts from the very basic (read, getting started) to the uber complex. A good first place to go with any general technical ColdFusion 8 queries.

ColdFusion hosting and ColdFusion VPS hosting from You’ve got to host your ColdFusion site somewhere. is a certified Adobe Solution Partner and has been hosting ColdFusion websites for 10 years. That plus the fact that they answer the phone in 3 rings or less.

The website (the official blog of ColdFusion guru Ben Forta): Ben Forta has forgotten more about ColdFusion than anyone else on the planet has ever even learned. He has written several definitive ColdFusion coding books, and is currently the most Senior ColdFusion Product Evangelist for Adobe. That means he travels around the world explaining why ColdFusion is so great to the masses. If you want to see more on Ben’s credentials, check out his Wikipedia entry:

Another great ColdFusion resource for developers is House of Fusion: This website developed and run by Michael and Judith Dinowitz is a deep and unparalleled coder’s paradise. There are significant chunks of well-written code, a very active ColdFusion developer community and also a ColdFusion jobs section. Plus, if you need ColdFusion tutorials, House of Fusion is the website for you.

There are many many more resources online for ColdFusion hosting and development. Another way to get started with this huge list of sites is simply to conduct a few Google searches on topics like, ColdFusion resources, ColdFusion code snippets, or any other ColdFusion-related search queries.

Good luck getting your ColdFusion 8 website launched!