[email protected] Added to Phoenix-IX Peering Exchange

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Colocation & data center operator [email protected] today announced that they have joined the Phoenix-IX peering exchange for their Phoenix location. [email protected] operates data centers in Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, Clifton, and Dallas and is a participant in various peering arrangements across their facilities.

Inside of their Phoenix location, [email protected] currently has open peering agreements with the entire Any2LA and Atlanta TIE networks. The Phoenix-IX exchange offers connections up to 10 gbps for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. An ICANN managed L-Root server is colocated within the exchange. Of the four internet exchanges in the Phoenix area, Phoenix-IX has the second largest traffic flow and the greatest number of active peers.

Paul Emmons, founder of the Phoenix-IX exchange said “We are excited to have [email protected] participate in the exchange. [email protected] is the third participant with a national strategy to activate. It’s great that participants like [email protected] see the value in peering whenever and wherever possible.”

Gary Simat, CEO of [email protected] stated “Peering agreements provide our customers with a great way to get smooth routes in specific geographical areas. Our latest agreement with Phoenix-IX is another way to provide our customers in the Phoenix area with great traffic options.”

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[email protected] is a world leader in colocation services.  [email protected] was started in 2008 by founding members of Total Server Solutions who have a passion for technology and networking.  Our technical experts have years of enterprise level experience and talent to provide you with the finest colocation services around.  Since the founding the company, [email protected] has grown to become one of the most trusted names in colocation services.  The [email protected] team can provide you with a vast array of bandwidth and colocation services throughout the United Sates, and beyond.