[email protected] Adds Internap FCP to Los Angeles Facility

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Colocation and data center services provider, [email protected] has added redundant Internap FCP traffic shaping hardware to their Los Angeles data center. The Internap FCP (Flow Control Platform) helps improve network performance and minimizes outside bottlenecks by allowing [email protected] to detect and route around issues in third party networks. At present, [email protected] utilizes FCP devices in their Atlanta, Phoenix locations as well. All [email protected] customers in their Phoenix, Los Angeles. or Atlanta facilities are served by an Internap FCP if they utilize the [email protected] provided blend of premium transit providers.

By utilizing an Internap FCP, [email protected] can provide better traffic flow to customers who colocate in one of their facilities equipped with one of these devices. Using technology far beyond regular BGP routing which routes traffic based on nothing more than ASN hop count, the FCP utilizes more meaningful metrics when selecting the smoothest routes for traffic. Data such as latency, ping time, jitter, and packet loss are measured to determine the best route for customer traffic. The FCP helps route traffic around problem network areas to avoid outages and other network issues outside of the [email protected] network.

Gary Simat, CEO of the Total Server Solutions family of companies said; “After years of using an Internap FCP at our Atlanta and Phoenix facilities, we decided it was time to extend these performance advantages to our Los Angeles location.”

Ryan DiRocco, CTO at Total Server Solutions, the parent company of [email protected] stated that the Internap FCP “is a substantial investment that helps provide the highest performance for our customers across our network and beyond.”

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