Comcast is Turning Your Personal Wi-Fi Into A Public Hotspot

Comcast is Turning Your Personal Wi-Fi Into A Public Hotspot(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Comcast is turning their customer’s personal Wi-Fi routers into public hotspots as a way to make the Internet more accessible to everyone in the country.

Last year the communications company started a project in New Jersey to cover residential and commercial areas with continuous Internet access, and to date, Comcast has turned 3 million personal routers into public hotspots, CNN reports.

“Before this, there was no value in having Internet when you’re not at home,” said Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas. “Every time you left the house you walked away from your subscription. But with all these hotspot locations, you can connect to the Internet remotely. Everyone’s device is mobile. It makes a lot of sense.”

For those worried about privacy issues, Comcast assures customers that strangers will not have access to their private home network because each router has two separate antennae’s, one for personal networks and another for the public hotspots.

Also, users will not have to worry about slow Internet speeds because each antenna has its own “data speed cap”, with the public antenna having 15 Mbps with up to five people connected at a time.

“You shouldn’t experience any conflict between the two networks,” added Douglas. “It’s something our engineers thought about carefully. The last thing we want to allow is to create a bad user experience.”

Comcast plans to activate this feature on 5 million other devices by the end of the year.