Common Mistakes to Avoid in Website Building

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Businesses have realized the importance of having a website in the aspect of advertising and promotions. It becomes a company’s “permanent address” in the worldwide web where anyone interested in the products and services you offer can easily get the information they are looking for. A website can put your business in the same game as the large-scaled companies in the market and expand your clientele globally.

The potential for success grows twice for businesses with a good and compelling website. This is one of the reasons why website building should not be taken lightly and every aspect must be carefully considered in order to ensure that your site will not only attract readers to visit but there must be a call to action and transform these visits into business transactions.

Website building has become easy over time because of the availability of pre-made templates. There’s also an option to hire professional web designers. As a client, it is your duty to monitor their work and ensure that these common mistakes in website building are avoided:

  1. Lack of Originality

Do not commit the mistake of copying the design template of a competitor and using the same concept. Remember that your website serves as the company’s official representation and its design will also speak for the company. Have an idea on how you want your site to look like and develop this concept with the web designer. Originality is a selling factor in the competitive field of online business.

  1. Too much visual fanfare

While images, graphics and flash videos are appealing and can attract online readers, it can also cause a page to load slowly. Keep the visuals to minimum in order to avoid having a slow loading time that might drive people away. Too much visual can cause a site to load for a longer time and in effect, users will opt to get their information elsewhere. Keep the design of the site to minimum and with a few relevant images.

  1. Lack of content

Web design is not all about aesthetics because a website needs good content as well. Visitors would like to learn about your company and its offers; they are looking for answers and you should be able to provide it to them. Part of an effective website is having quality and well written content that readers will find helpful and significant. The lack or having too much content can lead to a site’s ineffectiveness. With the lack of content, readers will gather very little information about your company’s products and services. On the other hand having lengthy posts should also be avoided. Readers would like to get their answers just by a quick glance. Content must be short, simple and direct to the point.

The task does not end once the website is up and running. Routine maintenance and software updates are also needed to ensure of its smooth performance and to prevent any technical issues that might cause a disruption.

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