Congress To Extend A One Year Moratorium on Internet Taxation

Congress To Extend A One Year Moratorium on Internet Taxation(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Congress has voted to extend a bill that would implement sale taxes on online purchases and Internet access.

According to PCWorld, the bill, known as the Main Street Fairness Act, will be re-addressed at next year’s congressional session, buying online retailers more time.

Those in favor of the bill claim that laws banning out-of-state Internet taxes are unfair to regular retailers who have to charge taxes, adding that the bill would not introduce new taxes.

However, those opposed say that collecting taxes would cost a lot for Internet retailers and also put new taxes on online shopping.

The Taxpayers Protection Alliances David Williams stated to Fox Boston that if passed, Internet taxes could cost as much as cellphone taxes.

“You’re going to have 10, 15, 20 percent surcharge just to log on to a website. Whether you’re going on to view a website or just play a game, you’re going to be taxed on that.”

Williams adds that in order to keep the economy going people should “have more money in their pockets so they can buy more,” not have to pay more taxes to access the Internet.