Copyright Alert System: It’s 6 O’Strike Somewhere

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Internet service providers have been looking for new ways to cut down on illegal downloads for years. In 2013, they may have their answer: The Six Strike System. Technically known as the “Copyright Alert System” and simply abbreviated “CAS” – users receive warnings before ISPs implement the ultimate punishment (UH OH!).

Via its website, the Center for Copyright Information describes a Copyright Alert as such: “Artists, moviemakers and other owners of content join public peer-2-peer (P2P) networks to see if the music, movies, and TV shows they’ve made available are being shared without permission and in violation of U.S. copyright law. If they notice that a file is being shared illegally, they notify the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that ISP, in turn, passes on that notice to their subscriber as a Copyright Alert.”

So what do the punishments include if internet users fail to conform to legal standards? It kind of depends on the service provider as flexibility is something granted. However, they can choose to do things like slowing down one’s internet speed, downgrading a user’s service tier or even redirecting the offender to a landing page each time they try to open a web browser.

While all the above measures sure sound annoying; it definitely beats being sued for thousands and thousands of dollars. So lesson learned: Stay away from illegal downloading because it’s likely six o’strike somewhere.