Copyright Alert System to Bring 6 Strikes to Internet

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Strike three usually means you’re out. But in the world of online copyright infringement, things are taking a twist. A six strike system is in the mix as authorities increasingly look to tamper down on copyright violations appearing on the World Wide Web.

Delays have hampered the warning system’s implementation and a report from recently pointed out that it was supposed to get underway last year. However, nothing came to fruition for the plan known as the Copyright Alert System.

While steps contained in the program remain unclear, the report from Tech Spot noted that specifics could include requiring alleged copyright violators to make public that they had been put on notice. That could be followed by slower internet speeds and even service disruption, all administered from ISP companies.

Despite how long it’s taken the system to be activated, Jill Lesser of the Center for Copyright Information indicated its implementation could arrive before the conclusion of 2012. Internet service providers have increasingly looked at new methods to cut down on web piracy. In Europe, a number of online companies have blacklisted popular BitTorrent site the Pirate Bay following court ordered mandates.